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About the School

          Piano Craft Technical School's mission is to train the next generation of piano technicians to be competent and proficient in their work, to bring happiness to their clients, and to make a good living in the process!


          The courses can be used as the primary, self-study tool, or can be used as an auxiliary tool under a mentor. We assume you know nothing about pianos and start with the basics. Currently there are over 5 hours of video instruction and 60 pages of notes and details, and counting! Each month new content is added, both new subjects and updates to the existing courses. Click the button below to start learning today!


About Your Instructor

          Benjamin Sanchez is a Register Piano Technician and Master Piano Technician. He has trained with world-class instructors all across the nation and has successfully completed some of the world's most prestigious training programs for piano technicians. Find out more about his credentials here.

          "A good majority of my competency with piano work today is because certain individuals saw me and believed in me. They took the time to train me properly and call out my strengths and weaknesses. I don't know where I would be without them, but I know it wouldn't be here. That's why I enjoy teaching students. I get to challenge them and work with them and see them transform. That's what I want to do for you, too."

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